Veneer is a wood material, which is thin sheets of wood with a thickness of 0.1 to 10 mm.
Veneer is a natural material that is not inferior in its decorative effect to natural wood, but is much cheaper. It is these parameters that allow this material to be widely used for a wide variety of purposes.
Birch veneer is a facing material that is very popular. It is cheap, environmentally friendly and has high decorative qualities. A wide variety of types will allow you to choose the right type of veneer for any construction or decorative work.


- Economy. Furniture, doors or other goods decorated with veneer have a lower cost compared to natural wood.
- Eco friendly. The veneer is a natural product of production and is absolutely safe to use. The composition of veneer (the cheapest) includes at least 75% wood. Therefore, the product is much more environmentally friendly in comparison with polyethylene.
- Variety of color palette. A large number of different colors and shades allows you to experiment with decorating and create your own compositions.
- Strength. The material increases the stability of the main product several times.
The veneer is used for making plywood, match straws, furniture, drum shells, acoustic and electric guitar tops, radio cabinets, for example, radiol, for decorative work (inlay), as well as for the manufacture of delta wood and skateboards.
It is applied at finishing of details of inside of the car.

Our production:

Our main product is rotary cut dry birch veneer from Paged Eesti OÜ.
The main advantages of birch veneer:
- has a unique texture pattern
- easy processing by any methods, while the top layer has perfect smoothness
- the layers perfectly accept the finish.


1.5 mm (optional 1.1 mm)

Main dimensions:

- 1600x1600 mm;
- 1300x1300 mm.
Possible sizes:
- 1600x1300 mm, 1300x1600 mm
Can be cut to size according to customer's request.

Typical ratio of veneer grades in 1 m3:

We sell MIX brand veneer, namely the whole veneer after peeling and drying. Sorting is possible at the request of the client.
I - 0.50-1.50 %
II - 2.00-3.00 %
III - 20.00 %
IV - 26.00 %
The inner layers are 50.00%.
The ratio may vary, depending on the quality of the birch logs.


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