Edge-glued panel

An edge-glued panel is a material in the form of a sheet, made by gluing wooden bars together along the width (solid-lamellar), and, if necessary, along the length (joined).
In essence, an edge-glued is a polished wooden board from any wood. A kind of semi-finished product from which the vast majority of wood products are made - from furniture to small decor items. They serve for a long time, attract attention, create comfort at home and do not break from the first blow. It is believed that the furniture board, due to its environmental friendliness, even has a positive effect on the human body, while remaining safe for both children and animals.
The edge-glued panel is usually divided into two types: spliced and solid-lamella.
All the difference is in the method of laying the lamellas in the manufacture of the material. The all-lamellar shield consists entirely of elements perfectly matched in length and width. The lamella is glued to the lamella in such a way that the material is outwardly indistinguishable from a solid array.
The spliced edge-glued panel is made of parts of different sizes, including very small bars. Outwardly, it is not perfect, its surface is more like a laminate than a solid piece of wood, but such a shield is stronger, which means it is able to withstand maximum loads.


- Environmental friendliness and safety. The basis for the furniture board are bars (lamellas) made of solid wood, which are connected with glue. In modern production, safe adhesive compositions are used.
- High strength. The shield is glued from separate parts. Due to this, it does not have internal stresses characteristic of a conventional board, high strength is ensured. Therefore, furniture panels are well suited for the manufacture of stair steps and other elements subjected to heavy loads.
- Durability. High-quality shields can last up to 100 years. With proper care, of course, but not overloading them is easier than regularly changing furniture or flooring;
- Lack of "torsion". During the operation of products and furniture from furniture panels, there is no “torsion”, as with solid wood. Also, the natural wood splicing technology minimizes the risks of surface warpage.
- Resistance to cracking. The tree has a characteristic fibrous structure. The crack, which is formed during drying, will increase - after all, the fibers have one direction. In the production of shields, the lamellas are also sawn in one direction, but they are glued together, this is not a solid array. Accordingly, in which case the microcrack will not go beyond one lamella.
- Aesthetic appeal. The appearance fully reflects the beautiful structure of the tree, so the material looks no worse than the array and is appropriate in any, even premium, segment.
- Possibility of restoration. This furniture is repairable; since the wood is homogeneous in its structure, even a damaged piece of furniture can be restored (not replaced, but restored) and it will look like new.
- Variety. There are so many colors, materials, sizes of furniture panels that it is easy to get confused.
Furniture panels are used for the manufacture of furniture, decorative elements and building elements as an environmentally friendly and aesthetically more attractive analogue of chipboard.
It is even difficult to imagine how widely the furniture board is now used! Cabinet furniture - from sofa frames to cabinets, furniture upholstery and decorative figurines, stairs, windows, doors, countertops, plinths and even verandas - the material is best suited for the manufacture of all this. Due to its high performance, furniture panels can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our production:

A unique closed loop production line for glued products, consisting entirely of modern equipment from Weinig.
Productivity is 80 cubic meters per shift.
Quality control at all stages of production.

Standard species:

pine / spruce.

Standard thickness:


Standard width:


Standard length:

1000/2000/3000 mm.


spliced / solid.


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