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Plywood Baltic Trade OÜ, Reg: 14108043

Laeva tn. 7, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10151, EST‍
tel.: +372 5561 4482

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Laeva tn. 7, Tallinn, Harju Maakond, 10151, EST
tel.: +372 5622 7344

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Põllu 2, Võru, 65606 Võru maakond, EST
tel.: +372 5561 4482


Plywood Baltic Trade offers you plywood and OSB all over Europe with flexible payment terms and at a good price!
We also offer you the opportunity to order our products in the dimensions and quality you need!

Uses for birch plywood

Imagination is your only limit!
Birch plywood is often used in furniture production. Thanks to beautiful texture, and easy processing. Kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, and many more!​
We can offer you 100% furniture capable plywood!
Interior elements
Birch plywood is widely used in interior design elements. Plywood can be treated with various finishing materials (stain, varnish and oil), which bring out the beauty of birch plywood and prolong the life of plywood.
Birch plywood can be easily processed with various manual / CNC equipment.​ We also offer you 100% laser plywood!


About us

We want to offer our customers complete solutions with distinguished service quality and speed. Through systematic and targeted management, we achieve continuous growth and sustainability.
In addition to the wholesale of plywood, we want to introduce plywood not only as a necessary material in the industry, but also as a material loved in design and interior architecture.
Plywood Baltic Trade OU was founded on September 5, 2016. Our main activity is the sale of birch plywood, OSB and veneer plywood (in veneer) both in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe.
We are flexible in terms of payment terms, and we also allow you to order material in a special size, according to your needs. We guarantee you security of supply throughout Europe. We have 3 different factories producing pure plywood.
​Our goal is to grow into the largest plywood supplier in all of Europe!

It is important to us

QUALITY - We guarantee our customers a high-quality product and service:
selling material from reliable suppliers;
using long-term partners;
creating a quality management system that ensures a work environment that prevents and analyzes problems.
ENV. - We want to be environmentally conscious in our daily work:
analyzing and taking steps to save the environment and ensure nature conservation;
making sure that the material purchased from our suppliers comes from legal sources.

Countries where
we have partners.
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Countries where
we have partners.
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Plywood Baltic Trade OÜ, Reg: 14108043

Laeva tn. 7, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10151, EST‍
tel.: +372 5561 4482

Main warehouse

Põllu 2, Võru, 65606 Võru maakond, EST‍
tel.: +372 5561 4482