Oriented strand board (OSB) is a multilayer (mostly 3-layer) sheet consisting of wood chips (thin chips) glued together with various resins with the addition of synthetic wax and boric acid.
Chips in the layers of the plate have a different orientation: in the outer layers - longitudinal, in the inner ones - lateral.


Qualitative characteristics of the OSB board:
- Strength. OSB boards have the ability to securely fix any fastening materials (screws, nails) and maintain their integrity even with significant external impact.
- Uniformity. This building material has a homogeneous structure, which makes it as resistant to environmental influences as possible. The panels are moisture resistant and soundproof.
- Wood-like appearance.
- Fire safety. Plates of this type have a high resistance to fire.
- Resistance to sudden changes in temperature and mechanical stress;
- Ecological cleanliness, harmlessness (compliance with the hygienic class E1);
- Relatively low cost (compared to traditional lumber).
The main consumers of this material are builders, furniture makers, container manufacturers, and transport workers. Here are just a few areas of application of OSB:
- continuous crate under a pitched roof;
- exterior wall cladding;
- production of sandwich panels;
- construction of structural elements of low-rise buildings;
- construction and repair work: floors, ceilings, partitions;
- temporary closure of building openings;
- construction of temporary housing;
- production of transport boxes, pallets;
- construction of exhibition stands, racks, shelves, countertops, counters, etc.;
- arrangement of floors of trucks, trailers, truck bodies.

Our production:

Our company represents oriented strand board (OSB) manufactured by Bolderaja, Latvia.
OSB is produced by pressing flat wood shavings mixed with a binder. For this, special equipment is used, first of all, modern high-tech pressing lines.
Thin and long wood chips in the outer layers are oriented longitudinally. Thanks to this orientation of the chips, OSB board has acquired properties that have significantly expanded its areas of application.

Produced brands:


Standard sheet sizes:

- 2440 х 1220 mm;
- 2500 x 1250 mm and others.
The width of the master plate is 2500 mm.

Standard sheet thickness:



EN 300, CE, FSC, ED 2020


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