Birch wood chips

Wood chips are a material widely used by man, which is essentially a waste product of the woodworking industry.
It is customary to divide the type of this raw material according to a number of criteria, the main of which are shape and size.


The main features of this product include:
- type of wood;
- size of large, medium and small particles;
- percentage of particles of different sizes;
- presence of bark;
- humidity;
- the presence of rotten or diseased wood;
- density.
After grinding, the chips retain all the main properties of the original wood, such as:
- calorific value;
- content of various substances;
- ability to absorb water;
- resistance to fungi or diseases;
- fiber strength.
Today, wood chips have a wide range of uses. It is used as a fuel for the operation of gas generating equipment. Wood chip boilers provide buildings and businesses with steam and heat.
Process wood chips are excellent for use as fuel in universal solid fuel boilers, due to their economy and high level of efficiency. Boilers of both private houses and separate areas in large cities are increasingly equipped with such boilers.
Wood chips are actively used to create chipboard, fiberboard, cardboard and paper, plywood, briquettes for heating, wood pellets and pellets, drywall.

Our production:

Our main products are birch wood chips and fuel chips, produced by crushing on Bruks Klockner drum chipper.

Technological chips:

1. Fraction of chips: 15-60 mm, thickness no more than 20 mm
2. Mass fraction of bark: no more than 1%
3. Relative humidity: 40-60%
4. Volumetric weight of 1 bulk m3 of chips: no more than 260 kg.

Fuel chips:

1. Volumetric weight of 1 bulk m3 of chips: no more than 270 kg.
2. The ratio of fuel chips to technological chips: 1:3


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