Exterior Plywood

FSF birch plywood is a board consisting of thin layers of wood (veneer) glued together. Veneer layers (from three or more) are stacked in such a way that the direction of the wood fibers of adjacent sheets in relation to each other is perpendicular.
Phenol-formaldehyde glue, which demonstrates increased resistance to moisture, is used in the production of plywood brand FSF.
After polymerization, the glue loses toxicity, so this brand of plywood meets all sanitary and epidemiological standards and is suitable for the production of furniture (including children's) and for interior decoration.
Birch FSF plywood is moisture-resistant and wear-resistant, it does not allow moisture to pass through and is not affected by parasites. Grades of FSF plywood indicate the properties of the material, its disadvantages and advantages, as well as the place of operation. They are marked in the same way as FC.


- 100% birch veneer;
- increased moisture resistance;
- exceptional strength and wear resistance;
- surface hardness;
- unique ability to withstand heavy loads;
- resistance to temperature changes: from -40 to +50 °С;
- plywood is perfectly sawn, drilled and fastened with both nails and screws;
- wide choice of thicknesses and sizes.
FSF birch plywood is used:
- in frame construction: for the manufacture of floor coverings, roofs, scaffolding, temporary structures;
- in finishing works: as a decorative and noise-insulating sheathing, flooring, for the manufacture of floors on logs;
- in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding: for the manufacture of light and durable partitions, floors, walls, seats, hull parts, holds, interior decoration;
- in the production of furniture and doors: for the manufacture of cabinet and upholstered furniture;
- in the production of packaging materials for multiple use: boxes, boxes;
- for the manufacture of children's and sports grounds, advertising structures and other products.

Our production:

We are the official dealers of the largest birch plywood production companies.
This guarantees the highest quality and low prices for materials. We will be very glad to see you among our clients. Having bought plywood from us once, you will no longer want to look for a new supplier.

Plywood sheet dimensions:

1525x1525 thickness 2.7-30.0 mm
1525x3050, 1500x3000mm - thickness 6.5-35.0 mm




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