Parquet is a type of flooring material consisting of planks of natural wood. The parquet plank consists entirely of natural wood.
Planks may or may not have grooves for connecting to each other.


The main advantage of a parquet board is its complete readiness achieved during factory production. When buying a parquet board, you can be sure that you will need a minimum of related materials for its installation and further operation.
Parquet board is the easiest material to install from all types of parquet. Even a person who does not have special knowledge will be able to cope with the installation of the board (subject to all the requirements for preparing the room and the subfloor).
The parquet board is suitable for installing a floor heating. It can be laid in a “floating” way, and then, if necessary, disassembled and laid again in another place.
The parquet board is a completely natural material that allows you to enjoy the environmental friendliness, warmth and texture of wood.
The design of the parquet board with perpendicular layers makes it a stable material that tolerates seasonal fluctuations in humidity and temperature (within normal limits), and modern factory-applied parquet varnishes and oils reliably protect the floor from everyday mechanical influences.
Despite the diversity of the range of floor coverings, parquet in the interior remains in demand. Decorative parquet material, in addition to a decent appearance, is environmentally friendly, as it is made from natural wood. The quality of parquet - in the era of the dominance of styrenes - is very valuable. Numerous types of parquet, each having its own advantages, add prestige to a country house or apartment floors.

Our production:

We invite you to the world of parquet made of MasterHolz natural oak wood.
A unique collection of colors and a wide range of parquet boards will allow you to implement any design solutions and create a floor that meets your preferences.

Solid wood parquet

100% natural wood and is considered exclusive.
- Thickness 10, 16, 20 mm
- Width 100-200 mm
- Length 600-2200 mm

Twinface parquet

Two-layer construction, where the top layer is made of oak lamella, and the bottom layer is made of oak laths spliced and glued together.
- Thickness 10, 16, 19 mm
- Width 100-140 mm
- Length 400-2400 mm

Engineered parquet

Composite product consisting of 2 or 3 layers. In terms of its performance, it does not differ from solid parquet, and also allows for 3-5-fold scraping. It is currently one of the best flooring available.

2-layer parquet
- Thickness 12, 16, 21 mm
- Width 100-300 mm
- Length 600-2400 mm

3-layer parquet
- Thickness 16, 21 mm
- Width 180-300 mm
- Length 600-2400 mm

Parquet "Domino"

The greatest variability in size and laying methods. It allows you to create different geometric patterns on the floor using different color tones.
- Thickness 10, 19 mm
- Width 101.6 mm
- Length 406.4 – 812.8 mm


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