Thin MDF

MDF (Medium density fiberboard) - is a sheet material that is made by hot pressing or drying from wood fibers with the introduction of special binders.


MDF has the following properties:
- resistance to various deformations;
- environmental friendliness and naturalness of the material, hardboard does not emit harmful substances;
- high level of moisture resistance (subject to short-term exposure to water);
- durability (at least 10 years);
- MDF has a high rate of sound and heat insulation;
- ease of work with the material.
It is used as sheet sheathing material for cladding frame partitions, walls and ceilings in residential buildings protected from moisture.
When installing floors - as a lining layer for all types of flooring, including plank and panel parquet, synthetic flooring and linoleum.
For the production of furniture and built-in wardrobes, as well as for the production of containers and packaging.
Due to the high degree of moisture resistance, these boards can be used for cladding exterior and balcony doors.

Our production:

The boards are produced by the dry method on the equipment of the BISON company, on the basis of the AUMA-30F calender press. Emission class - E1. Humidity 6% +/- 3%. Density not less than 650kg/m3.

Produced brands:

- ТSN 20.

Bending strength by the brands:

- TSN 20 - 20 MPa.

Standard sheet sizes:

- 2440x1220 mm;
- 2745x1700 mm;
Size deviation is not more than 2 mm per 1000 mm in length.

Standard thicknesses:

- 2.5 mm;
- 3.0 mm;
- 3.2 mm.


- EN 300;
- FSC.


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